Friday, June 30, 2006

How Pink Got His Groove Back

A while ago I deleted my blog. Although I had several reasons for doing this, the primary reason was I felt I had nothing very interesting to say on a regular basis. This may well still be the case, but I'm back.

The road back wasn't easy. What I failed to realize is when a Blogspot blog is deleted, the URL is freed for re-use. So naturally, when I came back a few days later to start afresh, I discovered some other person had assumed my URL for a blog consisting solely of reposted wire service news articles. What a dick.

Now what was I supposed to do? I could have started a new blog under a different URL, but then I would have to contact all my blog buddies to ask them to update their links to my new URL. As it turned out this was a non-issue, since everyone deleted my link anyway.

I'm certain a news wire service spends a lot of money researching, editing and publishing their content. I'm certain they would appreciate knowing their content was being republished without their consent. I was certain they would want to know that their right of copyright, as recognized in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution of the United States and as embodied in Title 17 USC, was being willfully and wantonly infringed. Indeed, I was certain that if the wire service knew their content was being stolen, they would assert their rights under the safe harbor provision of the DMCA and demand Blogspot take down the infringing material. Moreover, because it's a violation of Blogspot's Terms of Service agreement to post content that infringes any copyright of any party, I was certain Blogspot would not only take down any offending posts, they would terminate the offending account.

It worked. I'm back. Now if only I had something interesting to say.