Friday, August 25, 2006

Move along, nothing to see here

I've been back from RV-ing for a few weeks now, but the experience is as fresh in my mind as if I were dumping the black tank this very second. It's been said that living in an RV is not about what you bring with you, but what you leave behind.

I brought my cell phone and left behind my shaving cream.

With my cell phone, I learned from the dogsitter that two huge tree branches mysteriously fell on a totally calm day. One of the branches scored a direct hit on the utility mast and took down our electric, cable and phone lines. TV, internet and phone was dead. Mercifully, the electric stayed on so we didn't come home to a houseful of spoilt food.

By leaving behind my shaving cream, I learned that Astroglide is unbelievably better for shaving than any shaving cream is. I highly recommend it.